Redefining the Lines

Global Voices Contributor Danica Radisic manages to write, run two NGO’s, runs a consulting company, parents two children, owns a bar and somehow finds time to squeeze a Skype call to offer advise to beginning journalists and bloggers. Ms. Radisic writes from Serbia where late night and early morning Skype calls are a part of her daily routine.

“This is what international journalism is all about . . . waking up a little earlier and staying up a little later. . .”

Q:  How did you get into journalism?

A: Well, I went to international schools throughout the world.  . . I had a fantastic history professor who taught a journalism course that left quite an impression on me.  He taught us how to read the news.  . .He taught us you had to have access to at least three sources to make some sort of an educated opinion. . .He taught us what journalism was basically and what it was supposed to be and what it was in reality.

Q:  What was your experience like when you first got started?

A:  I worked a lot with foreign journalist.  I literally clipped articles for them. . . No, I mean literally clipped articles. I started working with journalists and noticed what they were doing. I noticed that foreign journalists were able to get information out that local journalists were not allowed to or didn’t have access to wider audiences . . I not only translated the local newspapers to them, but explained the local context.

Q:  Why did you join Global Voices?

A: I have been there five-six years.  I joined Global Voices because they explain context. . .to a global audience . . . to a people who don’t know the background story.  Global Voices gives me the opportunity to vent in a safe venue.  . . It is registered abroad and can’t be shut down (referring to the governmental shut down of websites that aren’t cohesive with the government’s agenda).

Q:  Do you have any advice for a beginning blogger or journalist?

A:  Think it through.  She recommended that bloggers and journalists collaborate with each other.  She suggested that sometimes collaborating with a major foreign news organization could lead to a potential job as a journalist or provide a level of protection that writing independently doesn’t offer.  As far as bloggers are concerned, Ms. Radisic suggested that bloggers host their sites abroad using a “.com” domain.


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