Is silence the next step?

What is the future of journalism in Mexico, and does it even exist? If so, in what context?

Will Mexico become a country that distorts the facts, reports the truth or turns a blind eye to its problems?

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.  In the state of Veracruz, more than ten journalists have been killed since 2010.  Between January and September 2013, more than 225 attacks on journalists were reported in Mexico.  These attacks do not take into account those who have disappeared or were too afraid to report their attack.  With death threats against foreign correspondents, kidnappings and killings of local journalists and most recently the tracking and killing of citizen journalists the future of journalism in Mexico seems uncertain.

There are journalists and bloggers who seem unabashed by the risk of reporting the truth, but there are those who have chosen silence.

With thousands of journalists forced to adopt the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” mantra, is there a reliable source for news in Mexico? Already thousands of people have turned to online social media pages to read about issues in their area that are not being reported by the local or state newspapers.  Valor Por Tamaulipas, Blog Del Narco and local Twitter and Facebook pages are some of the sites residents use to find out what is going on in Mexico.

There seemed to be a recent trend in citizen journalism, but the safety and anonymity of online reporting comes into question especially since the most recent killing of well-known online reporter “Felina.”  Is there a safe way or even viable way to report the truth in Mexico anymore?

Will the violence waged by the cartels awaken in the Mexican people a sleeping giant whose mouthpiece will be heard all over the world?


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