No eres tu, soy yo

No eres tú, soy yo , a 2010 Mexican film,tells the story of a Mexican surgeon, Javier, whose wife leaves him shortly after their wedding. It shows his desperate and often seemingly pathetic way of trying to move on without actually letting go.

Director Alejandro Springall does a phenomenal job showing Javier’s transition from maintaining an unrequited hope, desperation to healing and reconciliation with himself.  He tells the story of a man who is forced to look inward to find beauty and healing.

The movie subtly tells the story of a love that exists beyond a check-list of “Mr. Right” or “The One.”  It shows that love comes in all shapes, forms and packages—- and it finds us how and when we least expect it.

Javier finds it in the clumsy and to his surprise single-mother, Julia, who makes her living working at a pet store.  Julia shows up to their first date with her elementary aged son.  Javier initially reacts with a seemingly disappointed face, but quickly regains his composure and asks Julia and her son to stay.

No eres tu, soy yo challenges movie viewers to step outside of their boxes and see someone as they are: a human being searching for love.  It may not show up in a 6’1”, PhD package, but the one who is eye to eye with you.

Sometimes love is found in the person who knows better than you what your second favorite flower is, the person who understands “Green” by Brendan James, sends flowers on October 24th, the one who asks the questions that no one else dared to ask, “What middle name would you choose?” Or, isn’t afraid to make plans with you.

Love may find you weeks later at 2 a.m. when you check the results of the Cowboys v. Giants game and realize that their most recent win is one step closer to a playoff game.

It may not be the person who holds you all night long, but the one who shares a safe space with you where time ceases to exist.

What if finding the one is on the other side of giving someone a chance who you otherwise normally wouldn’t date?

What if it is simply allowing yourself to embrace someone as they are rather than checking off a list of expectations or demands that he or she must meet?



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